Just 99 miles to go

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

3 Days, 19 hours.

I can't figure out why the weights not going back up.
Riding has been slim the past 2 weeks and the weight actually been going down.
I'm down to a steady weight of 210.
I'll worry about it in October if I don't start gaining it back.

I got out to the Rose last night for a lap with Doc.
It was a good time. Not like Saturday where I left cause I didn't feel like riding.
With my schedule I don't think I'll be able to get out for another ride before the race day.

I got the tent out and am letting it air out, found my lantern and charged it up.
It works so thats good.
Still got to find my air matress and make sure its in workable condition.
The bike had a few shifting issues last night, no big deal, a little cable adjustment will take care it.
I've got new brake pads and new tires on order, they hopefully will be in today and I can put them on Friday. Hell maybe I'll wait till Saturday.
I'll probably have some time to waste in the campsite.

Trying to be optimistic and find reason why I might not do as badly as I think I will.
So far I've got
-I quit smoking a month ago. (Seriously, no benefits that I can see yet)
-I'm 3 or 4 pounds lighter than last year. (oh yeah, I'm grasping here).
-another years worth of life miles. (I try not thinking about also being a year older and turning 45 this year).
-I'm totally accustomed to the Niner, where as last year I had only had it 3 weeks before the race.
-Last but not least, experience. (Really grasping now)



Anonymous said...

Giggity I am fucking excited

Chris said...
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Chris said...

You alive man?

Anonymous said...

Slow blog

Mountain biking has really slowed to an off season craw just like the economy.

As depressing as North Fork.

North Fork, it is being stolen away from us. "It done with good intentions".

Liberals can have North Fork, they will romanticise the idea that you can hike it.

It's pure. No chainsaw to clear the hiking trail. Take a handsaw.

See how romantic is that.

I didn't sign the petition.

ChrisJ said...

Who is that?