Just 99 miles to go

Thursday, August 12, 2010

23 days to go. Shop rant.

Last 2 nights I've gone out on the road bike.
I was having some bad muscle soreness from the weekends ride and Tuesdays ride helped worked the kinks out.
Went out again last night but everything just felt dead.
I really need a few days off.
Suppose to have an easy mtb ride tonight but I'm half hoping it gets rained out.
I had Monday off, had to work at the shop but that doesn't really count as resting.
Monday was one of those shit days at the shop.
Normally it aint bad.
I go in do a few tune-ups, or grab a major tuneup job and spend my whole evening doing that.
I kinda like taking a bike that someone had "let go" and putting it back into good working shape.
Normally, no matter whats wrong with a bike, we've got the tools and parts to fix it.
I made the mistake of grabbing one of these Monday.
Ticket said change out the brakes (v-brakes), true wheel , replace bottom bracket and tap the shell.
I put the bike on the stand and its a total POS, Diamondback.
I can see that the bottom bracket in in crooked. One sides flush, the other it away from the shell 1/8".
I fought with getting the BB out for 30 minutes. Its not budging.
Go get the head mechanic Chris to see if he's got any ideas.
He brings over a long bar we can put on the wrench and the 2 of us fight with it for another 30 minutes. In the process we break the one BB socket tool. Chris gives up.
As a last resort I pull out a cold chisel and just start beating the shit outta it.
20 minutes later (and a bloody finger) I give up.
Chris finally calls the customer and leaves a message, if he wants us to "try" to continue its going to cost him by the hour.

2 hours of fighting this thing and NOTHING accomplished.
Its days like this where I really wonder if the discount is worth this shit.
With 45 minutes left till closing, I grab what looks like an easy repair.
Adjust bearings on BB.
The bike turned out to be a kids bike for a 5 year old.
Easy repair, but the bike came from Walmart. It still has the sticker on it.
$49.99 brand new and we're charging them $35.00 for the repair.
Some people are just plain stupid.
No wonder our economy is in the shape its in. Dumb people who can't figure out finances.
I think it was easier for them to bring it into the shop and not pick it back up than to take it to the landfill .
I don't take my disgust out on the bike though.
Some child is going to be riding this, so I put this POS in the best condition I can.
Its not the kids fault that his/her parent is an idiot.

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Anonymous said...

Why I work on my own shit....aside from bleeding brakes and truing wheels. Assisted in rebuilding my Reba last Friday. A lot less daunting then I though......