Just 99 miles to go

Monday, August 23, 2010

2 weeks out, 12 days till race.

Freak'n life is a rollercoaster at the moment.
One day I'm up, next I'm down.

I'm going by the assumption that I'll be doing the race in 2 weeks.
Could change, but I hope not.

So 2 weeks outs, supposed to be my biggest training ride last Saturday.
I did a little less than 5 hours on the road for 87 miles.
I would have pushed it out to a full century or more but I had time constraints.
Just couldn't push myself out of bed early enough to have 6 hours free.
I hated the whole ride.
I'm sick of the road bike, I'm sick of that same stupid route through So.Md.
I hadn't been on the bike all week and it felt like it.
Afterwards I got home showered and we made the trip up to Towson.
I wanted the rest so let the youngest daughter take shot gun while the wife drove and I sat in the back trying to catch a small nap.
That worked out well. Trying to get my 6'3" body comfortable in the back of a small suv.
I'd get a cramp in one the legs everytime I tried to shift.

Sunday I got a short trailride in at Cedarville with the slow guys.
I'd just replaced the saddle on the bike and wanted to check it out. My ass was still hurting from yestereday so I didn't learn much.

I also got some insoles for my bike shoes.
For the 90 minutes that we were out they felt pretty good.
They gotta work better than that piece of cardboard that Sidi puts in the bottom of their shoes.
I'm hoping it'll help with the walking part of the race.

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