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Thursday, July 01, 2010

Still learning.

Quick ride at Cedarville last night.
As I've got a slow leak in one tire that I've got to pump up every other ride, out comes the pump.
I normally run about 30 psi, maybe a little less, on my high volume 29" tires. (2.55)
I thought for minute about the terrain at Cedarville and decided to go between 45 and 50 tonight.
See if I notice any difference.
Holy shit, was the suspension evan working?
I was feeling everything in the trail and getting knocked all over the place.
Worse was the way I was washing out on all the corners.
I didn't like it at all.
Now the straight hard pack or on the asphalt, the bike just wanted to roll along without any effort from me.
Just gotta find that magic sweet spot now.
I wonder if it'd be dumb during my "a" race to pump the pressure up at the aid stations (right before the ashpalt/fire road climbs) and then just let some out on the descents.
Yes, it did roll that much better with the higher pressure.

It'll probly be september before I get back to Cedarville.
The deer flies are "still" as bad as the last time I went out there.
The place sucks.

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Anonymous said...

Just get better rolling tires sir. Exiwolf is great. I'm running an Aspen now with no issues. Ran it at Stokesville with no issues.