Just 99 miles to go

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I'm still a bike shop rat.

Went in Monday half way expecting to be told I didn't need to show up anymore.
No such luck.
I called out last Monday, and the Monday before all the stands were full of guys. Which meant unless I wanted to play salesguy, there was nothing for me to do.
Since I only work Monday nights, you figure out the math on how many hours I've gotten there in 2 weeks.
I wanna do a major over-haul soon on the RIP, so as long as I can hold on for another month.
I've gotta replace the bearings in the rear triangle and wanna do all the other normal maintenance.
Cables, housings, drivetrain cleaning.
I'm really impressed with the way the bike and components are holding up.
The bottom bracket and cassette are really impressive. Normally by this time of season I would have changed them out already. The external type BB is "the shit".
It seems the best day to take your own bike in to work on it is Sundays when they seem the slowest. I gotta find a Sunday and just clear the calendar to take care of it.

Went out for a ride last night after work and visiting my Dad in the hospital. He was sounding much better so that probly helped with my attitude during riding.
It was one of those evenings were you don't want the ride to end.
Did my normal 27 mile loop, doing "my" interval training.
I'd push a pace that I could keep up for 5 minutes than rest. Than I'd push a harder pace for 2 minutes, than rest.
Basically, just pushing harder than normal when I felt like it, than resting.
Damn, I think I'm ready to put this plan in print and sell it.
"Toms 12 Week-How to train for a 100 Miler, Just to Barely Finish-and Have Fun"

I think if I could start all my rides at 7pm, I'd have this training shit down easy.
Let me see, if I start for a century at 7 that would put me back home at say, 2-2:30 am.
Nah, thats not going to work.

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