Just 99 miles to go

Sunday, July 04, 2010

First century of the season. 7-3

Ok, got that outta the way.
It all gets easier from here.
Did a ride down to Point Lookout State Park from the house.
Only notable item was that the state had repaved a 4 mile section of road that I always dreaded hitting. The shoulder was that gravel mixture that always resulted in a flat before I made the conversion over to hard cased tires.
So that was nice. Smooth.
Made it to pt.lookout, 53 miles out with a 17.7 average.
Sat and ate my snickers, refilled the camelback with some nasty ass water, watched some fishermen for a few minutes than headed back.
By 80 miles I was really feeling it.
At one point I dropped into the middle ring and stayed there for while, and started fighting off a inner thigh cramp on the left leg.
Why is it that it's always one leg that gets the cramp?
The last 10 miles was just marking off small goals.
Get to Wawa's, make it to the next intersection, make it to the spot where that guy almost ran me over last week.
Final stats, 101.3 miles with an avg of 16.9mph.
Initially that sounded off to me. The way I felt the 2nd half, and by experience the numbers sounded a little high.
I had to double check the odomoter to make sure I had my tire size set correctly.
It was.
I was pretty happy.

To show how much water you can lose.
The scale was at 207.5 .
I'm not sure, but I think I was a pound heavier last year after I finished the 100.
Last night I was back up to 213.

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