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Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Oww,that hurt!

We're in the middle of a heatwave right now.
100 degrees at the trailhead, at Rosarvyille at 5:30.
I had my doubts as to riding but to tell the truth, it wasn't bad.
I was sweating up a storm as normal. With all the sweat and the shade of being in the woods it was a decent ride.
Pushing the pace through the woods going at a time trial pace.
I'm feeling good and thinking I can get a new "best time" so I'm pushing hard.
At the half way mark I'm going down a hill railing the tight turns.
Right,left, hard left..........and poof, down I go, hard.
Front tire washed out and I'm sliding along the loose sand gravel.
Tore my elbow up and it felt like I shredded my shorts.
The shorts were fine but my thigh wasn't.
That took the "fire" outta my ride so I rode a normal pace back to the truck.
I was half heartedly debating on a 2nd lap when I saw the elbow was still dripping blood.
That was excuse enough.
I cleaned it up with the gatorade/water mixture from my water bottle. Yeah, real nice.

By the time I got home, the thigh was swelling up like a bitch and burning.
According to the wife it looked like "you have a 3rd butt cheek" off of my thigh.

My theory for riding. Keep pushing till you crash, then back off a hair.
Ok, I found my limit.


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