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Friday, July 09, 2010

New best time @ the Rose.

The title says it all.
I knocked atleat 30 seconds off of my best time.
I had Doc chasing me down the entire time. Don't know if that had any thing to do with it.
Conditions weren't the best. Real loose and sandy.
I was playing the turns safe also, still had Tuesdays wipeout fresh in my mind.
I has one crash which cost me some time, although it wasn't my fault.
We passed 2 guys at one point, they said there were 2 more coming up.
We wait about a minute and don't see them so we take off, taking it easy waiting to come up on the other riders.
We finally see them and they look like their busting ass to catch their buddies.
I yell out and veer off the trail to the right giving them the whole trail to pass.
It would have been fine but the guy in front veers to the left, off of the trail straight into me.
He locked his brakes up, goes down on his side and slams sideways into my front tire.
He's Ok, my bikes Ok, we shake hands and leave on good terms.
It was kinda funny (after we found out he was ok) actually watching this guy slam into my 2.5"-29er tire.

Did another lap with the interior loop afterwards.
Doc wore me out.

The numbers are looking real good as for fitness this year, but with Doc getter faster, at a faster rate than me, its making me feel slow.
I gotta start riding with slower guys again.

Fitness update: Still hovering around 214. My bodies fighting back holding onto all the weight it can. I've also started adding crunches to my workouts routine atleast every other day.
When I started, 75-80 was the max. Got that up now to 200. I'll get that 6pack sooner or later.

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Where the hell is the E Furnace write up? I'm bored at work need something to read. I've run out of stuff on the internet.