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Sunday, July 11, 2010

1st ride with the brother.

So my brother who was 420lbs 6 months ago, Harry, is now down to 288.
I went out with him on a road ride Saturday.
This was my very 1st ride with him ever.
He's done rides up to 20 miles on the road, on my Redline MTB, but today would be a new length record for him.
He's jumped into cycling full steam.
He's already bought a pair of lycra shorts, and a camel back.
I met him at his house and we road a modified version of a route he does alot.
Not much to report about a RR, sorry, not alot of ways to add humor to it.
He did much better than I thought he would.
On the flats he did fine, we were hitting 20 mph on a few spots and no we weren't doing that sissy ass drafting shit.
We're real men. We take the headwinds on individually. None of that trading pulls, plus he's not experienced enough yet for drafting.
On the hills he would back way off though, which is to be expected.
You try getting 288lbs up an incline.
We finished up with a ride time just shy of 2 hours which made him happy as shit.

After the ride, we went over to the bike shop and put togather his new bike.
He'd been over to the shop during the week, he wanted his own bike.
I was steering him towards some kind of hybrid that was meant more for the road but once he was over there he decided on a GF Cobia. Its an entry level 29er Mt bike.
He seemed set on it, so I didn't argue too much.
He hasn't evan been out on a trail yet. I don't know what he's going to do if he hate MTBng.
I was able to get the bike with my discount so that saved him about a 1/3 off of the price.
We built the bike up and I went over some of the maintenace stuff.
Also got him a computer,wb cage, and new ergon style grips. All with my discount.


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