Just 99 miles to go

Monday, July 12, 2010

Elizabeth furnace, again.

3 trips out to this damn place already.
3 trips is usually my annual total.
Eric wanted to do something different, so we set up a trip for out there.
This would be different. A route called the "figure eight of hate"
Participants were me, Eric, Randy, Chris and Doc. Thats right Doc.
The man whose roughest ride to date had been part of the sm100 race course.
I've come back to this draft a week and a half after the ride.
Let me get this down so I can atleast look back next year and see what I did.
25 miles of some pretty hard riding.
-Doc did alot better than I thought he would, he make it home with only some pretty nasty road rash on his forearm. Thats right, his only bad crash was on a fireroad.
-Chris had a bad day, I actually kept up with him for the last 2/3's of the ride, and he doesn't like heights. If you wanna a good laugh, have him climb a 30' tower.
-Eric broke his rear d and had to bail on the hike a bike.
-the hike a bike is actually only 1/2 long long, not the 2 miles that I'd hear. You don't now how relieved I was.
-Randys in way better shape than me but I can still descend faster.

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ChrisJ said...

Ha. Let me know I want to do a big ride July 31st its a Friday I'm off wolf gap....yes? Shoot me an email.