Just 99 miles to go

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Forced vacation.

The wife dragged me back down to Ocean city for four days.
Left Tuesday evening and got back Saturday afternoon.
This was the 1st time that I've gone down there and not gained a whole lot of weight.
I think I actually lost a pound. Probably cause it was so damn hot.
I took the bike with me but only got out once, and it wasn't any sort of real ride.
I did my urban assault from our condo on 107th down to the inlet and than back.
I guess the trip back could count for intervals.
I took the major highway back and spent the whole time trying to keep in front of one of the buses that stop every 2 blocks to pick up riders in the bike lane.
Mission successful.
I passed 2 of them and they never caught back up.
It helped that I'd do a rolling stop at red lights.

Sunday was a complete bust. No riding at all.
Had family issues that I had to face when we got back from the beach.

Finally got back on the bike Tuesday evening for an interval workout.
26 miles of 2 minute push hard, than 2 minutes of rest.
Don't know if it is doing any real good, but it can't hurt.

45 days on the counter.
I'm keeping pace with last years schedule so if you figure the last years worth of "life miles" I should be in fine shape.
2-1/2 hour improvement last year from the previous, so going by that I ought to be looking at a 10.5 hour finish this year.
Yeah. Thats going to happen.

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