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Friday, July 23, 2010

MP3 players.

First, I hate Apple products.
I've owned atleast 4 of there ipod shuffles, and have broken them all.
Only 1 of them had a good reason to break, I got caught in a thunderstorm while riding.
I evan bought one of their water-tight cases (for $30) for my 1st shuffle and it still let sweat get into it and break.
They're over priced, they try to force you to use their "apple store", you need their cables to charge it and transfer songs, and if you don't its a pain to put music on them (unless you find a work around, like I did to drag and drop)
The final straw for me was the changes they made to the last version of the shuffle.
They made it evan smaller than the previous model BUT moved some of the controls to the cord on the proprietary headphones.
Great. Now you need to buy THEIR special headphones and need to try to grab hold of swinging cables to adjust the volume or change tracks.
So when I saw the following on the web for $7.99 plus shipping I jumped at it.
So far it's been out on 5 rides with no problems.
It uses a standard USB-mini to charge and hook up to the computer, so you can use a file manager with standard drag and drop.

This is what it actually looks like.
Notice the Usb port.
And just to let you know, it doesn't shuffle songs and its slightly larger than a real Ipod shuffle.

For a total of $12 I've got a nice basic mp3 player that clips to about any body part that I don't have to worry about babying.

I'm only sorry that I didnt order 3 of them cause I cant find them now.
Out of curiosity I just looked over at Best buy.
A 2 gb ipod shuffle is currently going for 49.99 (on sale with 5 off)
Fuck you apple.


Anonymous said...

I use the Sansa shit to. Bigger then that. Been stuffing it in my jersey pocket sweating on it with no issues. Did the same as the sm100 last year no issues. Good stuff.

DaveG said...

I haven't had any issues w/ my shuffle, but I have a iPhone w/ the headphones that have the external controls and it takes less than an hour for my copious sweat to cause it to short out. I admit it is nice to be able to control volume/tracks from the cord though. Until it quits working....