Just 99 miles to go

Sunday, July 25, 2010

40 days out. Weekend update.

1st lets get the excuses outta the way.
It was hot. It was damned hot.
Saturday the thermomoter at the local gas station said 101, Sunday it said 100.
No way in hell was I going to do any big rides.
I debated doing a longish ride with Chris on Sunday at Patapsco but the temps, threat of t-storms, and other issues didn't make the all day long event look good.

So Sat, my little brother plans on going out for a RR and setting a new personal distance record.
30 miles.
Let me sidetrack here a minute.
Me and him are complete opposites in one big way (there are other difference but we'll focus on this one). He likes to get up early, I like to stay up late. We work togather at the same company. By the time I get into work around 7, he's already been there 2 hours. By the time I'm finishing up an evening ride, he's usually in bed.
He tells me he plans on starting his ride at 6, yes, 6am not Pm.
Normally I'd laugh at him and tell him to have fun but it supposed to be over 100, and if I want to ride at all it had better be early. I know if I wake up at the normal time for a Saturday, I'm not motivating myself to walk out in that heat and ride.
So I get up at 5:20 (can't believe I just typed that ) and make it over to his house by 5:55.
If you can get past the whole lack of sleep thing riding that early is pretty nice. Traffic is at a minimum and of course its cooler.
We finish up and are back at his house by 8:15.
It wasn't epic, but it was riding and it burnt calories.
As if I hadn't had enough of the heat and humidity I went over my parents and cut grass.
Now it was freak'n hot.
By the time I finished that up, I'd had enough of being outside.

I had the bright idea Saturday night that if I got up and left the house by 6 Sunday morning I could get in 4 hours on the road and be home before it hit 100 again.
Yeah right. Unless I've made plans with somebody, when that alarm rings at 5:30, I'm not getting my ass outta bed.
So, when I do get outta bed at 7:30 the humidity is already through the roof and its already 90.
I make my way to Rosaryville, atleast its in the shade, and see what plays out.
I'd like to blame my lack of performance on the temperature but it was actually OK riding in the woods. It was one of those days though. I did a 12 mile loop and bailed.
Maybe I didn't drink enough to replenish the water I lost on Saturday but the energy just wasn't there.

The race is close enough that I'm not looking at it in terms of days, but in terms of number of Saturdays for long training ride.
If I assume the weekend before the race will be a taper, I've got 4 long ride days to go.
Oh I'm so fucked.
I've got to cram 4 months of training into 4 days.

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Anonymous said...

Were doing a 4ish hour ride in Frederick Friday AM. Patapsco was fun pretty steady pace. Feeling strong.