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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Graduation weekend.

Usually the 2nd Saturday in June has me doing the metric road century put on by the local roadie group. But my daughter just graduated HS so instead we had a little BBQ/graduation party.
No riding Saturday. Just sitting around grilling and eating fatty red meats.

Sunday was a ride at the trails on Quantico marine base.
I rode with some of my slow buddies, who in turned invited some of their "slower" buddies.
What should have been a 90 minute ride, at the worst, turned into a 3 hour 10 mile loop.
By the time we finished the first lap, the temp was pushing 90 and the humidity was way up there.
I bailed on the 2nd lap that I had planned. I had only taken 1 bottle with me, which would have been fine for 90 minutes but after 3 hours I was feeling dehydrated. I obviously wasn't riding hard but the damned humidity was so high I was sweating buckets just standing around.

Not sure how much longer I'll be at the bike shop. Went in last night and they had all the stands full with the new help they've been hiring. I bull-shitted for an hour than went home.
I better get a list togather of all the stuff I wanna get before they realized that I only got an average of 2 hour per week for the past month.
I'm going to miss that damn discount.

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ChrisJ said...

Got zero riding in this weekend. Was in CT with the girlfriend at a wedding. Did an hour and a half today. Day 2 of the "plan"