Just 99 miles to go

Monday, June 07, 2010

B-day weekend.

1st the counter is under 90 days, oh shit,shit, shit.
The more i think about my finishes in 07 and 08 the more I know last year was a fluke......I'll be looking at 16 hours this year.

Ok, we got that outta the way.
Not wanting to waste my b-day at the Rose or someplace lame i made the 2 hour drive down to Elizabeth Furnace again, the same place I went 2 weeks ago with Eric and Mike.
I know....2 road trips in 2 weeks.
I guess I gotta stay home now the rest of the summer, I've used up my gasoline allowance.
I did the same exact route I did 2 weeks ago, except this time I went with Chris and James.
I got to watch Chris, who I beat by an hour and 10 minutes at "the race" last year, easily pull away from me on all the climbs. That didn't do alot for my morale, but I think in the "hike-a-bike" competition of the ride we were pretty evenly matched. I knew that pushing the lawnmower around the yard would pay off. Maybe I should figure out how to tie the mower to my bike and ride it around the yard?
Pretty much the same ride as last time except hot this time.
No big gains seen in the riding department but the hikes seemed easier.
The heat must have been getting to me. I'm actually thinking that it would be nice to go out there, with decent hiking shoes and a walking stick, and hike some of that crap.


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Anonymous said...

Hiking.........are you suffering from heat stroke? Eric and Don are coming to Skymass you should come out.