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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Taking a newb out for the 1st time.

I swear I took it easy on him.
My brother in law, George, got a new entry level mtb.
I've been saying forever that I'd take him out with me and now that he had a new bike it was kinda hard to get out of it now.
Before deciding where to take him, the Rose or Cedarville, I asked him about his fitness.
He's been taking some spin class at the gym. Ok so he's not a total couch potato.
Over the weekend during my daughters party he bought his bike to show me. He was showing off some, doing wheelies.
Ok, so he's comfortable on the bike and should have a little bit of cardio. I'll take him to the Rose. Its more of a workout but more fun than Cedarville, and its closer to his house.
I didn't want him to think that my MTBing was just doing the lame shit thats at Cedarville.
The day before our ride I evan went out and did a couple of laps so I'd be tired for our ride.
So we meet up, I give him a few pointers. What it means when I yell "rider up", not to brake in turns. etc. etc.
He does the 1st minor test of a rider pretty well. He made it up the sewer line hill without walking. Thats pretty good. Some experienced riders spin out on that and need to walk.
He had his 1st Mtb crash about a mile in. No harm done, although his nice clean white bike was now dirty.
He was slow, what you'd expect from a newbie but doing ok.
I started to notice after 2 miles he was lagging further and further behind.
Keep in mind. I'm riding very slowly and stopping alot so he can catch his breath. I keep asking "you doing ok". He says he's fine.
1/2 miles before a bailout point I stop to tell him to go ahead. I watch his his stroke and make sure his saddle height is correct.
He gets off the bike and ejects his lunch in the bushes. (He barfed, threw up , vomited).
Ok, then. I guess we'll be taking the bail out.

He "said" he'll be back. I might try taking him to Cedarville next week.
That is "if" he wants to go.

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