Just 99 miles to go

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Well Saturday was ok.

I'm supposed to do a 5 hour enduro next weekend.
With last weeks 28 miles at the Rose, spread out over 4 or 5 hours might I add, being my longest MTB ride to date I knew I'd better see what I actually had in me on Saturday.
I head over with a goal of 4 laps.
Yup, 40 miles or so.
Last year at this time I could only manage 3 1/2.
Stopped by the truck between laps just long enough to grab a bite and re-fill my bottle.
It was hotter than hell at the truck anyways so there was incentive to get back into the woods.
I felt good after 3 laps, hmmm, could there be a 5th.
Finished the 4th than went back out with a buddy who I hadden ridden with for a while.
I remembered he was slow, but I've done 40 miles.
He'd probly walk faster than I could ride.
Well I was wrong.
Damn he was slow up the hills, but I was starting to hurt.
Not really tired, although the legs were trying to cramp a little, more like that achey all over feeling.
Finally with 2 miles left I "had" to get off the bike, so I left my buddy and hauled ass back to the truck.
So a good day.
Atleast I know now that I can go a full 5 hours without quitting.
My worst fear was going down to race and having to quit after 3 hours.


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