Just 99 miles to go

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Gary Fisher can't jump logs.

I'm not real impressed with Mr. Fisher.

So despite the ominus weather, I go over to Rosaryville.
Bike Doc is having a customer appreciation day, with bike demos, rides and Gary Fisher is supposed to be there.
I pull into the main lot, knowing that the activities are going on up at the pavillions.
The lot is dead empty, just me.
Plan is to do a half loop and than stop by and see the activities.
Mike T happens to come through the lot, I chat with him about the Camp Hilbert races.
I'm doing it in 2 weeks and he is too. Maybe we'll carpool.
So I'm on the trail and a I hit a rider, he says he's got a big group so I'm waiting for them to go by.
By the time they passed, I said hi to atleast 6 people I know.
They look like they're having more fun than me, so I make a U-turn and join them.
This happens to be the ride that gary fisher is on.
No biggie really for me. I'm not a fanboy. I've broken atleast 2 of his shitty frames.
I did get to see him walk a small sized log that evan doc could go over.
I don't care if he is 59. That was pathetic.

We finish the loop and than I hook up with doc, he's wants to test ride a 29er.
He didn't have any ID so I had to "vouch" for him so he could take the bike. Once again, working for the shop pays off.
He was impressed with the big wheels, but not with the $6k bike he was riding. The rear shock wasn't set up ride, he had too bob and it was zapping his power.
We finish half a lap and take the road back.
I was going to call it a day with only 18 miles but than thought about the race in 2 weeks.
Its a 5 hour endurance race.
Ride in a 6 mile circle for 5 hours, whoever has the most laps, wins.
So I do one more lap, although once I discovered that I'd killed my MP3 player I almost bailed.
Ended up with 28 or so miles.
I'm just looking at this camp hilber enduro as training so no big deal.
would be nice to do 40 miles, not knowing the terrain that might be optimistic or it might be totally easy.
Ok let be realistic, 40 miles on the road right now would push me.


Oh, the weight.
Friday was down near 216.


Anonymous said...

See you there sir. Did 65 miles on the road bike yesterday. Did a lap at Fountain Head today my legs were feeling it.

gwadzilla said...


I would not judge Gary Fisher by his performance on that group ride

he has a more impressive race resume than you, me, and all our riding buddies combined

I would love to ride with him
I bet he can clear some logs and rocks with the best of them

Tom said...

I know that gwad, and I think that everybody who happens by here knows I was being sarcastic.
The man (gf)was complaining about being hung over also.
Come on man, I'm trying to add a little entertainment to the blog.
Sometimes we all (or atleast I) embellish a little.