Just 99 miles to go

Monday, April 19, 2010

138 something days. This weekend.

Saturday I did some trailwork at Rosaryville.
We did a re-route on the interior and 1 on the outter loop.
The outter loop was just a lame go around of a bad mud pit.
The inner one was a go around but we added in 4 logs.
One of logs got ramped, but the others we left al natural.
I like that the inner loop is considered technical. We can leave whatever we want in the trail without worrying that somebody is going to cry about it.

Sunday I went down to Wakefield with my "slow" guys.
I did manage to fall off of a lame ass bridge and do a nice endo. I was going full out balls to the wall so I don't feel bad about it. If you don't crash you not pushing hard enough. Right?
After 2 hours the "slow" guys were done.
I still felt like riding, but didn't wanna ride anymore there.
Wakefield is a great park for being in the middle of suburban hell, but it doesn't leave me satisfied.
You've got the beltway (an 8 lane interstate) running right next to park, and with all the people you run into, it just doesn't feel like my idea of a weekend MTB ride.

On the way home I stopped by Rosaryville and did a lap there. I had to try out our re-routes and see how they actually rode. I'm happy to say I did all the new logs, although my "slow" guys won't be happy about them. I'm trying to teach them to jump logs, but its not going well.

136 days till the race. I'm a little bit pysched for it now.
Thats probly half the reason for the visit to the Rose after Wakefield. I wanted more than 2 hours saddle time for the weekend.


Almost forgot,
Health update. Im sticking at around 220 at the moment.
So with the "little" bit of riding I've been doing I've lost 4lb.
(And believe me, its been very little riding)
I can lose more if want, but I'm still not sure if I wanna lose my clyde status.

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Anonymous said...

You should come on out to Fountain Head let me drag you around for a few laps.