Just 99 miles to go

Monday, May 17, 2010

So the season starts.

What marks the beginning of my biking season?
Breaking something (expensive) of course.
1st thing to go this season, 1 brake lever.
I was going over a log which which so far, I make 1 outta 4 times.
This wasn't one of the successful times.
The same thing happened that happened at my first SM100 attempt.
Yanked the lever outta the master cylinder, this time on the rear brake.
Luckily I had one of the old brake sets sitting in my garage. I cannibalized parts off of it and got it repaired.
I really didn't feel like buying a new brake lever now, especially for an old outdated Hayes hfx 9.
That was Thursday at Cedarville.

Saturday was a work day Cedarville with the volunteer group.
I stuck around afterwards for the volunteer ranger meeting.
I've been thinking about becoming a volunteer bike ranger(VR).
At 1st it sounded fun and easy. Ride there like I normally do, wear a VR shirt and hat, maybe report on trail conditions,pick up a little trash, and offer helpful advice to people you see on the trail.
At the meeting I'm hearing things like 100 hours a year, checking to make sure people pay the park service charge, and signing in and out.
Sounds like they want free security, and I couldn't evan carry a gun.
I don't think this is going to happen.

The only riding I got in the weekend was 2 laps at the Rose on Sunday.
No big training but it was a beautiful day and it was fun.
I would've turned the day into a mini training day but had family obligations at a hospital in VA.

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Anonymous said...

Legal guns in MD.........your funny.

Missed a biggie this weekend. I'll post up on my site later today.