Just 99 miles to go

Monday, May 24, 2010

Let me get this down so next year I know what I was doing.
Did a last minute ride Saturday at Elizabeth furnace.
I haven't been out there in a few years and the guys I went with were doing the route that I've never done.
I remember the beginning fireroad being a bitch and thinking that it would be good training.
It wasn't shit. Before I knew it we were already hitting the singletrack which signaled the end of the climb.
The first time I went out there, when I was young and pretty, I remembered I had to stop and walk once.
The route we took, bypassed the suck ass hike a bike, but replaced with it with suckass ridge riding.
Its the kind of riding thats dangerous for me. Rather than being "unridable", it was "sketchy".
"Sketchy" being, if I'm on my game I can make it. If I'm off by a little, I'm going to hurt myself.
We were out for 3.5 hours and ended up with 15 miles.
Jeez that sounds like a waste of time.
3.5 hours of riding, 4 hours of driving and I got in 15 miles.
When we got done, I contemplated riding up the fireroad again and just turning around and blasting down but with the 2 hour drive back home, I nixed it. I felt that good. What did hurt was sitting on my butt for the ride home.

Sunday I played Daddy and watched the youngest one play soccer. Got out for a short RR in the afternoon. 16 miles of hammer,hammer, hammer. Rest, Rest. Repeat.

On the family side, my brothers down to 33?. Over 100 pounds lost.
He's starting to have issues with the bike. Did I say he was up to 10 mile trips on the road.
He's letting my nephew use it some.
Harry (my brother) came back from his route one morning (11 miles) and than let my nephew on it. After 1 mile he had snapped the chain. I'm going to have a talk with harry.
My nephew takes after the rest of our family. He 6'-3" or 6-4, and I'm not sure of the exact number, but he's well over 300#. You put a young kid with that much weight who can actually exert some torque on cranks and of course your going to brake shit.
I've got a helluva time keeping the bike going with my pathetic 225.


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Anonymous said...

E.Furnace is the suck for distance. We need to get some Wolf Gap goodness in soon. See how I like the hardtail out there.