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Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

Well this turned into a bust of a weekend.
Let me just get this down so hopefully next year, I'll try to get more done.
Saturday I awoke to the ground being drenched from storms the previous night.
Ok, local trail riding is out.
Not feeling liking training I got in a small RR. 45 miles.
It wasn't only the lack of mileage that pisses me off. I felt like shit afterwards.
If I could have cut out that last 5 miles I would have. Hence the logic of an out&back. Once you realize you totally feel like shit, you still gotta turn around and ride home.
The mp3 player took a crap on me too. Another one killed by sweat.
Thats it. A whole saturday and thats the best I got.

Sunday, was play Daddy and good son day.
I went to #2's lacrosse tournament, where I got too much sun, than went over to my parents house to try to fix a leaking sink. After getting the wrong parts at lowes, I knew I'd have to return on Monday.

Monday , one lap at the Rose. I just wasn't into it. It was hot as mutha, 90 degrees and I had that leaky sink on my mind. I hate plumbing and wanted to get it outta the way.
Got the sink fixed later that afternoon.
Rest of the day, what was left anyways , was grass cutting.
I was hating myself for not fixing the self propelled part of my mower.
Better exercise? Screw that. I'm fixing that shit.

The counter is down under 100 days. Woop,woop.
I really don't know how to feel about the shape the I'm in.
Other than this weekend, I've felt strong on all my rides.
The weights sticking around 215 so I'm light enough.

Next Saturdays my B-day.
Let me see if I can come up with somthing better.


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