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Thursday, May 06, 2010

New best at the Rose.

As this is always how I've measured my fitness, its a big deal to me.
I knocked a whole minute off of my best time for an exterior loop.
I wasn't evan really trying for a time trial.
So for posterity, 44:44.
Thank you also to my buddy Eric for taking all the joy out of my moment.
He was at the trailhead when I got back and I told him the good news, "I just did my fastest lap ever out here". He asked " 40 minutes"?
Thank you for knocking me down while I'm feeling good.
I still beat you by an hour last year at the 100. I won't forget that.

I finally go an email back from Sidi about my cleat bolts. They said they would send out some in the mail. I hadn't heard good things about Sidi's customer support so I'm going to wait until they actually show before I'm handing out kudo's to them. I'm assuming he meant for free, but I'll wait till I get them before I turn Sidi fanboy.
I've got the shoes fixed for right now anyways.
It seems as if they have generic cleat bolts.
When I told Chris ( owner of BD) about my dilema he gave me some of the generics which fit right in.

So with the shoe problem outta the way it looks like I'll be able to race this weekend.

It sure it nice having new cleats too.
I only come out of the pedals now when I want to.

I guess I need to give a brother update also.
Remember him? The one who's riding my Redline.
So he's down now almost 100lb to 340 and he's got his mileage on the bike up to 11.
He was damn proud of those 11 miles and I don't blame him.
He shows up at my house Sunday morning with the bike in the back of his car, he got a flat on Saturday and I never gave him anything to fix them with.
Changed out the tube and have since than got him a seat bag with tire levers, some co2, and a mini pump to go on the frame.
While he was there I rode the bike to diagnose some noises he was having.
I don't know how he's riding with the seat so low. I felt like I was on a kids bike.
If he keeps this up he might have to buy his own bike in a medium instead of large.


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