Just 99 miles to go

Monday, January 18, 2010

Time for the monthly update.

Out of curiosity I was checking the blog to see what I weighed this time last year for comparison.
Couldn't find it. My 1st weight entry for 09 was in april or may.
So for my own reference, next year. 2 days ago I was at #224.
Pretty damn good considering the time of year and the muscle mass I've put on.

Its only mid January and I'm getting the itching to ride the bike again.
I'm longing for those long 6 hour rides again on the weekend, although realistically I'm not in any kind of shape to do any.
If you didn't notice, look up over there in the corner.
Yep, got the SM100 timer going again.

Rides have been crap though. It seems like everybody else are getting atleast 3 hour rides in.
I'm lucky to get out for 2 hours 1 day on the weekend.
Come on Spring!!!!

Looking at the upcoming year.....
-Bikes are in good shape. I don't need or want anything in the way of bikes. I'm pounding away on the Niner Rip and still love the bike. It is time to replace all the bearings though on the suspension, not a big deal with me working at the shop.
-I'm definately in for the SM100. Goal is to get as close to, if not break 12 hours. I've got a few buddies who are psyched about entering it for the 1st time. I don't wanna let them down and I've got a few people in mind who I wanna beat again.
-Work at the bike shop as little as possible. Things are picking up at job #1 so I don't need the money from working at the bike shop. I still wanna keep my discount, and have the perks from being a employee but working 3 nights a week there like last summer is out. It'll be nice to go on those Friday evening road rides again.



ChrisJ said...

Is Doc in for this year? You should try to make the Memorial Day weekend its a good kick in the nuts.

Tom said...

He was in last year till you scared him away on that pre-ride.
What'd you say to him on those climbs.?

ChrisJ said...

I think the beer and the "hills" scared him away. You two need to come down for a weekend trip this year. 2 days of that in a row = legs feeling good.