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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Another monthly update.

Damn wheres the time gone.
That time of the month. No, I'm not a female.
Time for the monthly update.
Like the rest of the DC area, I'm watching the snow SLOWLY melt.
For my reference next year,
we got hit with 20-30" of snow 2 weeks ago.
I checked out Cedarville today, "just for the hell of it"
Its un-rideable.
You had deep mud where the snow had melted or 6" of heavy snow which stopped me dead.
I tried.
I threw the Niner down in granny and plowed forward. Ended up doing a trackstand with the snow holding me up.
So what have I been doing?
Shit, I rode it so much I got a flat.
You da man when you can wear the tire out the trainer.
I'm not fooling myself though. I learned from 2 years ago the only thing this trainer time is doing is keeping the weight down. For real bike riding, the trainer is completly the last resort.
When I do get back out I know it'll feel like I haven't ridden for 6 months.
I'm not real worried.
The weight still hasn't went above 225 which is freak'n unreal.
I had a little celebration last summer when I got under 225, now I can't seem to get back over.
I'm seriously worried about weather I'll be able to race clyde at the sm100.
Not that I did real great in that category, just that I'm a big guy and like to think of myself that way.
If I'm not a clyde, I'm just a little larger than average slow old guy.
Oh christ, somebody shoot me.

On other notes,
-I'm still working 1 day a week at the bike shop. Not sure whats going to happen when they start to get a little busier and want me to work 2 or 3 evening again. I'm not doing it. I'm back to a full 40 at the "real" job and I think they're only going to start getting busier. Don't tell Obama-that dick would just try to take credit for it.
Oops, I made a political commentary on my biking blog.
Can you tell its Saturday night and I'm half hammered off of Smirnoff Ice.
Love that shit!!

Fuck it.

PS. I hope the democrats get totally fucked in November.

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Anonymous said...

Haha. Obama is a fool. Oh well. We did a ride today out at a local forest on the service road. Legs felt half way decent. Not ready for skyline but were getting there. I'm down to 190lbs want 170 by the SM100. Thinking hard about the Wilderness 101. Picking up an Eatough plan to.