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Sunday, December 20, 2009

winter storm 2009

Who would've thought. 20+ inches of snow in December.
Not sure exactly what we got, but it was up to my knees. I'll measure them later for ya. I am 6'-3" though.
I evan managed to get our 4 wheel drive explorer stuck trying to get it out of our driveway.
I didn't expect that.
Had to end up shoveling for another 3 hours on Sunday.
I guess if the snow comes up to the grill on the vehicle, you shouldn't try to drive through it.
Its times like this that I'm sorry I'm not like the rest of the sheep and live in a "community".
Pretty sure we're in for a while christmas now.


PS. Kudos to my 17 year old daughter for being out there with me part of the time helping with the shoveling. We won't mention the fact that she did want to be able to go to the mall.

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