Just 99 miles to go

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Turning into a big sissified marshmallow.

So lately while pondering a MTB ride out in the cold, or sitting on the trainer watching a dvd in the basement, the trainer is looking better and better.
Example. In between the rain, I actually got out to Rosaryville Saturday for a ride.
I really did have to force myself. I got to the half way mark and just bailed. I can't seem to put enough energy out to keep warm without sweating. Once I start sweat, I get chilled.
I'm really starting to hate winter riding. Road riding is even less appealing. (Oh, yeah, sweaty and a 25mph wind).

The new years is right around the corner. January 1, we start the timer for the SM100. That'll put a fire up my butt.
So the way I see it now.....

A. Either I ramp up the training and do more races than I've done before. I'm thinking about the Wilderness 101 & the SM100 and some of the smaller races.


B. My attitude doesn't change ,I give a half hearted attempt at training and bail on all races this year.

I think the main problem is, I don't know if I can get much faster than I am (or was 3 months ago).
Christ, somebody shoot me. I've peaked at 44.

On the health, weight is up to 121.


ChrisJ said...

121 Lbs. Damn. Skinny mofo.

BTW my goal for the SM100 is to beat you next year.

Tom said...

You and my wife jumped all over that.

If I do it, I'm going all out.
12 hours or bust!!
Not sure if I'll still be a clyde though.