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Monday, December 07, 2009

Rose night ride.

Now this was a night ride.
Last Tuesday, Dec 1. Full moon.
Eric talked, or rather shamed me into doing the ride with the others who were going with no lights.
I didn't like the idea at all but rode into the trail before the ride and had a look around.
It was cool.
I never realized just how bright a full moon can be.
Another way to add a new twist to ride.
We did the whole ride, inner and outer loop sans lights.
Cool as shit.

I've been debating on weather I want to do the SM100 again.
I just about met my goal last year and unless I train a shitload, not so sure I can do a whole lot better. So whats the point?

It was a good time last though.
I don't know.
Maybe I'm just in a non riding funk.
Maybe I gotta buy something to put the excitement back in.

On the health front, I'm back up to around 222# which is 11 more than is September.
No I'm not getting real fat. Just hitting the weights and adding inches to the chest which might look good, but are severly handicapping my riding.

Can you say MAN BOOBS. (No, not the fat bastard kind).


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