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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Ipod jogger.

I'm a fan of music while riding.
I've got an ipod shuffle that I take out on solo rides.
The shuffle doesn't have the power to crank the volume up to an obscene level.
While I'm riding I can usually hear if someone come up behind me, and anyways, I'm always glancing behind me to make sure no one snuck up on me.

Last night I'm at Cedarville and come up on a jogger.
I come up on her slowly and hit the brakes a few times, figuring the squealing brakes are a good way to let her know somebodies coming up on her.
I ride up on her, 5' away.
"Excuse me" I say in a normal converstation voice.
Now louder "Excuse me"
Now I'm getting annoyed.
"EXCUSE ME", and this time I yelled it.
Still nothing.
I yelled out 5 more times, and I mean yelled, and the bitch never heard me.
I followed her for a good 4 minutes, yelling and riding up as close as possible hoping the damn song she was listening would end.
The trail finally had a spot where I could safely go around.
I hope I scared the shit outta that stupid bitch.

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Anonymous said...

I've got in arguements on the CCT trail from dumbass joggers and walkers that do that. On your left OH SHIT! let me jump to the left. You stupid ass.