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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

4 Days and a plan. SM100

Unlike my fellow racers who have already got a plan as to what they are carrying and whats going in their drop bags, I've got nothing.
The only 2 sure things going in my drops
-lights at AS5
-a can of coke, maybe a large bottle if there is room at both drops.
Some aid station had coke last year and it was the greatest thing in the world at the time.
I really wanted to grab the 2 litre bottle they were filling our dixie cups with and chug it down.
That would have been rude, and given my physical condition at the time, the 90lb girl who was in charge of coke distribution could have easily wrestled it back from me.
While I'm on the subject, what the deal with the 2oz dixie cup?
Don't act surprised when I down the 1st 2 cups and ask for another. I'm a grown man with a wife and 2 kids who's probably going to die before the next aid station. Don't treat me like a 8 year old asking for more kool-aid at bedtime.

Back to the plan, or lack of.
I'll probly do like I did last year.
Take every piece of cycling equipment I own with me down to Stokesville and decide what to throw in 10 minutes before the racers meeting.

I'm pretty sure I'll be camping though.
Found the pump for my air mattress and made sure it works.
I received the pump free with the air mattress. It works off of 4-D cell batteries.
I use this thing once a year and its the only thing I own that takes D cell batteries.
Do you know what those damn things cost.
I got smart this year and bought D size adaptors which you can stick AA batteries in.
I've got a shitload of rechargeable AA's. Just gotta remember to charge them up.

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Anonymous said...

BTW i'm gonna borrow that pump from you. See ya Saturday.