Just 99 miles to go

Thursday, September 03, 2009

I guess I'll be using a tube. 2 day 22 hours

The last wheel I converted over to tubeless has been losing some air.
Last night after work at the bike shop I bought the bike in and wanted to see if I could find the leak,
maybe throw some more sealant in.
I put some air in the tire and am trying to get the air piece off of the stem.
It was stuck on there, the way new valve stems sometimes don't like to let go of air heads.
As I'm trying to twist it and pull it off , I GUESS my hand was still on the lever pumping air into it.
BLAM!!!! or was it BOOOM!!
The tire blew right off of the rim. "Blew" doesn't really describe it. Exploded is more like it.
They're right, it sounds like somebody let a shotgun off right next to my head.
I've got sealant everywhere. All in my hair, my arms, my face.
I can't hear shit outta my left ear.
One of the guys walking about 10' away is complaining about a ringing in his ears.

I say screw it. Pull a tube out and put in.
USE A FLOOR PUMP, and put about 10 psi in, enough to get the wheel on and roll it to the truck.
I'll finish fucking with it at home where I don't have an audience.

Once home, I fill her up to 40psi and the wheel is way outta true.
I guess the explosion knocked her out.
Put it on the truing stand and I'm afraid I might have bent the rim.
I trued it up the best I could. I'll ride it around a little on a ride tonight and try to true it again once the tension equalizes. If I can't get it good enough, I'll take the rear wheel off of the Redline and run that .

I'm just pissed that I might have ruined the 30 day old Stans rim.

They finally sent out the pre-race, racer email for the sm100.
Only big changes from last year are cut-off time.
They added cutoffs for AS 2,3, and 6 and extended all the other cut offs.
While I was busting ass last year to make the cutoff for cp6 (6pm), I made it by 15 minutes btw, they've extended it now to 7:30pm.
Shit, no problem now.
I might stop and have a picnic now.



YUEQ said...

I will be running tubes too. I only want to carry one spare tube.

Tom said...

WTH. Tubes worked last year, they should work this year.