Just 99 miles to go

Friday, September 04, 2009

1 day 22 hours. Tick tock.

I did an easy ride at Cedarville last night with the usual bunch of clowns.
We met a guy with his kid at the trailhead and the guy wanted to know if he could tag along.
I'm thinking, great, I wanted an easy ride but don't wanna be waiting long for this kid who was 9 or 10. I got nothing against kids riding, but not during our normal Thursday rides.
Doc was running late so the group took off and I waited around for him. He'd just put on a new drivetrain and needed help adjusting the rear derailer. The man isn't cheap on components.
Sram 990 cassette and x-o rear D.
I helped him adj the rear d and we took off to catch up. Busted ass at a pretty good pace. I expected to catch them in the 1st 4 miles though they had a good 15 min. head start.
We got down to the lake and still no group. Were the hell are they?
The kid and his dad must have peeled off and the group is going at the normal pace.
So we go around the lake and finally about a 1/3 way around we catch up. The kid and his dad are still with the group.
I'm watching the kid from the back and he's pretty damn good. Keeping a good pace on flats, and taking decents better than some regular MTBers I know. His only shortcoming are hills. He doesn't have those down yet. Kinda funny watching his little legs pedal. He was keeping a high cadence all the time, just like roadies.
Good last ride before the race.

Got home and took a look at my screwed up back wheel. Took the tire off and looked inside it for signs of damage. Didn't see anything. Mounted another tire on the rim and put it on the bike. It looked good. So that means the old tire must have got damaged when it explode off of the rim.
I put the wheel back on the truing stand and played with it.
Got it back to almost perfect.
So, I'm good to go again in the wheel dept. although I'll still be running tubes in the rear.

I'm wasting time this morning at work before I bug out early.
Got batteries to charge, tent and air mattress to check, and a few supplies to buy before tomowrow. I'll work at the bike shop tonight though I'm leaving early. I wanna get a few CO2 cartridges too. Other than that, oh, maybe a tube too, I should be good to go.

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