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Friday, August 28, 2009

Magic Shine light.

Ok, this will be the last words I have about this.
The quick of it- buy it Best $90 you can spend. I'm thinking of getting a 2nd one.

I finally got it out on the trail last night for a quick 2 mile ride after my normal ride.
Mine didn't come with a helmet mount but it easily fitted onto the helmet mount of my Dinotte 200.
The output is great. For the casual/moderate night rider you will only need this one light, but don't let that statement lead you to think this is a beginner light. I'm using it next week at the SM100 as my main light.
It throws way more than what is needed for Rosaryville trails, and it has enough spill to you can see whats right in front of you. I was used to using a NIMH battery pack, the battery for this is 1/3 the size but still give you 3 hours burn on high. I havent' test the run time, I suppose I should before the race, but some did on MTBR and they got 3hours and 5 minutes out of it.
The cord is just long enough to run from my helmet to jersey pocket with a little slack. (I'm 6'3 so if it'll work for me.....)
Helmet mounts are supposed to be available soon, I think with the next run that they do.
And, I just found out, you can get spare battery pack for $37.00
If your thinking of night riding this fall/winter I'd jump on this deal cause I've got an idea that the price is just going to keep jumping up especially since night riding season is upon us.
Here's the link for the light off of geoman site.

This was the 2nd item I've bought from him and have nothing but good things to say about him.



Anonymous said...

Were you paid to say that sir?

Tom said...

Ya know, when I was writing it I thought "people are going to think I work for them".
I just lead alot of night rides and before, unless they spent some real money, people would show up with the crappy "newts" and be happy with them.
Now finally you can get somehting for $100 that puts out real good light.
I'll show ya mine next weekend.

Anonymous said...

Good deal. I need another bar light for the 12 hours. The stella has an amazing burn time for what it is. On low its like 10 hours.

YUEQ said...

But he doesn't have it in stock...I guess I can wait.