Just 99 miles to go

Friday, August 28, 2009

8 Days.

With this being my 3rd time doing this (SM100), I didn't think I'd still be this excited about the race.
I'm partially nervous cause I haven't done nearly the number of long rides that I did last year but the rides that I have been on have been pretty good.
I "think" I'm in better shape than last, but not sure.

Sept 6 is up on the 10 day forecast for the weather channel.
82 and sunny. 10% chance of precip.
I know, I know.
It'll change.
Don't rain on my parade, Ok.

I've been going over strategy in my head. I really want to finish in daylight. That would mean a 13 hour finish. So can I go from a 15:40 to 13:00? Can I cut 2:40 off of my time? I did have that blow out last year. I'm thinking it cost me at least 20 or 25 minutes total.
And I rode like a pussy on all the downhills after 30 miles. I'm hoping the new FS Niner will help with that. AND I've got a new light which is brighter than what I had last year, kinda a moot point though if I don't need it.
Its fun to think about stuff like this, but I won't know anything until the race happens.

I got the last item done tonight to my bike that I wanted done before the race. I got the back tire switched over to tubeless. Just like the front tire, it was a breeze. Only had 2 spots in the tread, where I had run over thorns, that sealant actually leaked out.
Now I'm still deciding, camp out or hotel.
I'll probably end up camping but I'd like to drive home Sunday night.
If I camp Saturday, it be harder finishing the race (once again, theres that optimism)and than packing up. I better make my mind up. I'll need to air the tent out and find the air mattress pump.

I am going to be so totally worthless at work next week.

They did get my check?
Didn't they?


YUEQ said...

I haven't got the email either. I signed up online.

DaveG said...

I got mine last week. Are you guys sure you're registered?

Just kidding.

ChrisJ said...

I haven't gotten mine. I signed up online as well.