Just 99 miles to go

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Felt great.

Don't get use to all the posts.
Come the middle of Sept, after I've exhausted all my thoughts on the race I'll get back to my bi-monthly reports of lame bike riding.
Till then.....
Last week, if you remember, I cutted out early from Rosaryville cause "I didn't feel like it".
Now that I read it out loud, it sounds like something one of my daughters would tell me.
Last night I hit it up again with Eric (hes racing also).
I felt great. We did 2 laps, and 1 interior loop and I felt great.
I really felt like going out again but knew I wouldn't wanna get up and go to work.
Could have been the weather, the humidity around here finally broke some.

It was also my first ride on a tubeless tire.
I ran it at about 35 in front. I know its alot higher than I need but this was a test ride.
The tire didn't roll off the rim and I couldn't burp it on some of the small drops out there.
Tonight I try to convert over the rear wheel.
Hopefully the ignitor will go on as easily as the Weriwolf did.
The tire will be the last thing I do to the bike. Its dialed in nice and running great.
I love that new bike.

10 days plus till the race.
No pre-race email yet.
213 lbs last night.

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