Just 99 miles to go

Monday, August 24, 2009

I'm really beginning to dislike roadies.

The more I see of them at the shop the less I care for them.
Just something about their self righteous attitude and their "perfect" bikes.
And jesus christ, is that all you own are Lycra jerseys.
Change after a ride before you come in.
A post on MTBR's sister website, one geared towards roadies set me off.
A guy was on there complaining because he went to stop at a convenience store during a ride and they wouldn't let him bring his bike inside. We'll he showed them. He left and wouldn't be patronizing it in the future.
Yeah, I'm sure there really going to miss out on that $3.00 you would've spent.
Arrogant asshole.
"My bikes too expensive too leave it outside and I'm too stupid to watch it through the huge ass windows"

If your reading this blog, I'm not talking about you.
More than likely your a MTB'r who also rides road, as myself.
If you are a full fledged roadie only......I don't want you here.
Go away.
Don't you have to shave your legs tonight?

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