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Thursday, July 16, 2009

New bike has arrived.

I still havent' looked at it yet.
Chris called me on my way to the Rose Tuesday to tell me the stuff had arrived.
My first instinct was to go to the shop and check it out but I needed a ride more.
Did a time trial my first lap, 47:20. Not too shabby, not my best. Than did a 2nd lap with Doc.
Talked to him afterwards about the SM100. He wants to do it.
I'm going to try to get him out to Stokesville sometime in August to give him an idea of what he's up against. Lets face it, if you haven't rode up a 4 mile ascent, you haven't got an idea of what real climbing is.
He wants to do a marathon at the Rose this weekend. Get in 6 laps.
I'm not sure I wanna try that . Its boring and I've learned not the best use time for training.
I'll see.

Wednesday I worked at the shop.
It was crazy.
There were only 3 of us in service to take care of all the repairs and do bike checkouts.
Every repair I did seemed to go wrong and be a pain in the ass. I spent 30 minutes working on a new rear shifter that should of taken 5. After fiddeling with adjustments for 20 minutes it turned out the shifter that I put on wasn't compatible with the rear-d. This is what they get when they don't have a service manager around for me to ask questions. Who'd have that that cheap grip shifters have different indexing.
I ended up working till 9:00 and still didn't get a chance to open up the box and look at the bike.
This sucks. Yeah, working at a bike shop is great. You get parts cheap but don't have a chance to use them.
Oh don't worry. Things will slow down in September. They'll probly lay me off then.

I've got a ride at the Rose tonight with Barry and the boys. I might do one lap with them and than bug out to take a look at my bike. I'm afraid that if I walk into the shop too early though they might con me into working.

On the heath front, the weight is sticking around 217.
The wifes bitch'n that I'm too skinny.
I'm lying in bed, feeling all sort of bones that used to have padding.
Its freaky feeling the ribs, kinda gross really.
How do you skinny guys live like this.?


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