Just 99 miles to go

Sunday, July 19, 2009

48 days, hot damn. Lets go on vacation.

This upcoming week I'll be in Ocean City.
I've borrowed a bike rack so atleast I can have a bike this time.

I spent some time today at the shop starting the assembly of the Niner.
NOW I'm starting to get psyched about the bike. Put a few parts on and it actually looks like a bike now.
Got fork, cranks, and front tire on the bike.
Went over the bike with mechanic Chris and he helped me order the parts I'll need to finish the build when I get back. I needed to order a seatpost, the shop didn't have any shims that would work with what I had sitting in the garage. The shop had all the brackets I needed for the brakes. I also had him order a cassette, shifters, and derailers. I'll call them in the am and have them get some ergon grips. There are a shitload of parts that go into the assembly of bike that you normally don't think about.
Shit, I just remembered, I need a quick release for the rear wheel, and a seatpost clamp.

As for training,
I had to work some yesterday so didn't get back home till 3.
Left the house for a road ride. Got in 60 miles. It was a bitch though.
I don't know what I was thinking. 100 miles last week, 60 should be quick little sprint.
So I wore normal shorts. Big mistake. My as was killing me half way through.
I didn't have any energy either.
Stopped at 40 miles for a snickers and Mt. dew. Nope, it didn't help.
So 60 miles with a 16.2 avg.

Today I hit rose up for 1 lap with the normal guys.
Not too hard. Rode with some new people.
One guy was great technically, he was hopping logs that I only try when I'm feeling really stupid, and he was doing it on flats. He couldn't keep up with me and Doc though on any type of hill. He was having rear-d shifting issues. I adjusted the gears for him at one stop. Took care of the problem completly. He said he'd had it in the shop for 3 days and it came back to him like that.
I was happy that I could help him out.
He still couldn't keep up on the hills though.
Pretty nice start to a week away from work.
Hope I can get some riding in at the beach to keep the cardio up a little.


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Crashmore said...

My dad is down there this week too. You guys should hook up and do some road rides