Just 99 miles to go

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Home from the beach.

Damn glad to be home.
5 days of sand, water, over-priced unhealthy food and red people is enough.
For my efforts, I lost 1 wristwatch and banged my shoulder up pretty good.
I've got a hard time moving the arm above the head.
The ocean decided that I'd spent enough time playing around in its waves and spit me out onto the beach right on my shoulder, taking the watch off my wrist for payment.
At first I though I'd dislocated it, the shoulder not the watch.
Hopefully a week of rest should get it back to normal. I've been through this before, not from the beach but rides where I've smacked trees pretty good.

The big news is the Niner RIP is together and its sweet.
We got home friday afternoon, I go to the shop around 5 figuring I can work on it.
That didn't work. They were busy as shit.
Right. Whats new?
I worked till 7:30 than pulled the bike out. Didn't get much done. Fridays the guys like to leave outta there ASAP.
Saturday, after a failed attempt at a Rosaryville marathon caused by mechanical issues which could have been solved with a simple 8mm hex wrench, I went to the bike shop.
This time I loaded the bike and all my parts up and took them home.
Finally got all the parts on. Just need final adjustments.

Quick ride with Barry and Dave at Cedarville. Damn I didn't have any energy.
Went home picked up the Niner and took it to the shop for the final adjusments.
Took me forever to line up the cheap ass brakes that I put on it.
They're Hayes hydralics thats I've been using for the last 2 years, but they've got no adjustments for moving the pads in and out. Finally after shimming the calipers around I got it to an acceptable amount of rubbing.

Took the niner to Cedarville for a real quick ride.
This thing feels great.
Its stiff and it steers tight. I was worried that coming from a hard tail to FS that I'd find the rear too flexy.
Not the case at all.
I've still got to work on the rear shock.
I've got no experience with them so will have to play with the pressure.
It's definately got alot of bob if I don't have the shock locked out, but with it locked out I'm happy as hell with it. No bob that I can notice while mashing up a hill.


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