Just 99 miles to go

Monday, July 27, 2009

See, I really do have a new bike.

Just to have a real pict of "my" bike.
Here it is, straight from my garage via the phone-camera.
I didn't see any sense of going through the trouble of taking a pict with a real camera and uploading. It looks the same as all the other RIP's.
I'm real curious to get it out to Rosaryville and see how my time for a lap does.
They say you can really bomb descents on a FS faster. Rose doesn't have anything technical though and I'm afraid I'll end up losing time on the ascents.
We'll see.
I did notice that its harder to heft the front wheel up off the ground. The bikes lighter than my steel redline so I'm assuming I'm riding in a more forward position.
I've still got alot of positioning and fork adjustments to make.

While I'm here,
damn only 40 days till the race.
I should be panicky right now but I'm more like, pffft , screw it.
I'll just show up and see what happens.
I have been going over strategy in my head.
I read on somebody else's blog, sorry I don't remember who, that they were too concerned with conserving energy early in the race and that cost them time.
So I'm thinking this time I push a little harder earlier and just see what happens.
Lets hope those "life miles" I've accumalated are worth more than I thought.

I gotta work tonight so the Rose TT will have to wait till tomowrow.
Oh, I havent' spent enough time on it yet, but I'm running 180mm cranks.
Real curious as to how that affects the ride.


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