Just 99 miles to go

Monday, July 13, 2009

Let the training start.

Decided Saturday would be the day to start training.
Weather looked pretty good so I thought I would go for a century.
I was pretty sure I was making a mistake. Longest ride so far was 62 miles.
All the "sources" say you don't try to make that large of a jump in training. Go for 10% a week.
Left the house at 8:00 geared up with the ipod and a camelback full of water.
Headed south to Point Lookout state park, the southern most tip of Md's western shore.
No complaints on the way down except for a small head wind. When ever it got on my nerves I just reminded myself it would be a tailwind on the way back.
Made it to my destination (53 miles). Sat down on a rock, ate a snickers, watched the waves a few minutes than headed back after a quick stop to re-fill the camelback.
After 20 miles I was getting worn out and stopped for a break. Picked up a Mt.Dew, a pop tart and some G-2 for the CB.
Cramps started right after my break. I started the creative spinning to help.
Stand some, peddle with 1 leg, and the infamous let your leg hang straight down on the decents.
I got to my driveway and didn't feel like total dogshit.
This caught me totally off guard. I could've got in another 5 miles but I had got my goal in.
101.7 miles with an avg of 16.2.
The average totally blew me away. How the hell did I manage that? I was expecting 15.9.
I've gotta mention this. Afterwards I'm looking at the dried salt from the sweat on my body.
I swear I had 2 tablespoons of salt just laying dried on my skin.

Looking back now, to fuel this ride I had 1 king size snicker, 1 pop tart, and 5 endurolyte tabs, alot of water and some G2.
How I managed to keep rolling is beyond me.
If I actually get a plan in place for eating I might be actually able to do some real riding.

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ChrisJ said...

Nice man. I was going for 62 Saturday. Its rough on the SS.