Just 99 miles to go

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Bike is on the way.

Niner charged my credit card yesterday for the RIP frame and fork, so that means they should have shipped it out.
Hopefully it'll get here before the weekend and I can get it mostly built up on Sunday.
Thats a slow day at the shop, and the head mechanic is in there and can give me a hand.

For those of you losing sleep over it.......
my Ipod shuffle still works.
I let it dry out and it plays again.
Just one more thing for you to worry about when your taking that blind turn at Rosaryville.
Is that huge, out of control idiot coming the other way with his music blaring?

I got a lap in at the Rose last night.
Pinch flatted again on that damn piece of concrete at the bottom of the sewer line hill.
I was out for my pre-group ride lap and flatted at the top of hill.
Of course my saddle bag with tools are on my road bike. I've got a high dollar frame pump with me but no tubes or patches. Hike back to the truck and Randy is there and gives me a tube.

The group ride was fast last night. Damn it was fun.
Randy ended up leading us the last mile out. Evan though he had done a lap before we went out he was still smoking us. Oh to be young and skinny.
I was able to latch onto Eric and hold on. He's getting alot better at descents and tight turns.
I still caught up to him on them, but not as fast as before.
He did almost dab on a switchback which I thought was funny as he's back on 26" wheels from his 29er. Aren't the small wheels supposed to turn better?

59 days till the race?
Talk'n to the guys last night who are also doing the 100, I'm going to be in good company at the tail end of the racers. NOBODY has been doing any real training. I put the idea up of just meeting at AS4 and quitting.
No takers yet.
We'll see.

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Eric B said...

I thought we were going to die. What does Randy eat? He even led the 2nd (his 3rd lap!)!

I'll be doing some fine tuning on my climbing over the next two weeks in the French alps. I'll try to bring you back some EPO or CERA.