Just 99 miles to go

Sunday, July 05, 2009

61 days.

Oh Shit,shit, shit shit.
61 days.
Now I can really start stressing.
With the holiday weekend I didn't do anything worth mentioning.
I was off from the "real" job on Friday but had to work at the bike shop.
I haven't gotten used to this. If I'm off from my real job, I should have the day off completely.
Retail sucks!!
Not only did I work but it was busy as shit in there. Evan worked late cause Chris needed some extra help.

Saturday I woke up late, thats beginning to be the norm for me.
Had plans at the in-laws later on so I did a road ride.
55 miles.
I was going to pump out another 10 to up my average but I had to get home in time to showere and change.
Let me talk about fueiling for the ride a minute. I had my CB full of water and a gel. Around 35 miles I was feeling like poop. Had to stop and get some more fluids. The CB started gurgling.
I got a quart of "G". Whats with this by the way. Is Gatorade too 90's?
I dumped that in the CB and got a can of Mt.Dew. This I sucked down at the store before leaving.
I felt great after that. Maybe I should start carrying a bag of sugar and snorting it every 10 minutes.

Spent most of the day doing house items. Cutting grass, trash, etc etc.
I did get out later on for antoher road ride. I didn't have time for a long ride so decided to throw some intervals in there.
They hurt and I suck at them.
I was trying to get the average up, but after an interval I'd have to cut way back to recover.
AND, I got rained on.
I'm pretty sure I trashed another shuffle.
Anybody got advice for a water resistant MP3 player?
28 miles on this trip.

And the weight keeps dropping.
Tonight, after the ride before dinner 215.
To me, this is completely anorexic.
I'm going to have to start hitting the weights, just a little bit, to stop the muscle from shrinking.
I think I'm losing a 50/50 mix of muscle and fat.

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