Just 99 miles to go

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Keep the temper in check or spend more money.

So I'm off the bike all day Sunday.
With all the rain we've had the grass is really filling in, & its way over grown.
So, I'm out there Sunday morning cutting the grass.
The damn lawnmower keeps getting clogged with grass, evan though I'm pushing it along at a snails pace.
After the 30th time of stopping to un-clog it, i get pissed and and flip it completely over so its laying upside down on the lawn. (Not so hard to do if your a 200+lb pissed off clyde). I clear it, put it up right and see oil coming out of the exhaust and air filter. For those of you who aren't familiar with the mechaincial workings of lawn equipment, this is bad.
Right away I get that sinking feeling that I just cost myself more money.
I try to crank it up and all I get is black smoke billowing out . (Actually it was kinda cool looking).
I put the mower aside, and go borrow one so I can finish the job.
Later I go to the big name home improvement store, buy a weedeater to replace the one that took a crap a couple of weeks ago, and new spark plug for the mower.
Luckily, after cleaning out the intake, cylinder and putting in the new plug, it fired up and worked fine.
Thinking about all the money I've been putting out lately (weedtrimmer, tv, leaf blower attachment, parts for the Redline, and now new frame), has me debating the parts build up for the new niner thats coming.

The latest thing to be ordered is brakes. After looking at the prices of the newest brakes, I decided to go with some Hayes HFX9 that pricepoint had on sale. I got front and rear for $120.
Complete ready to go with a 8" rotor up front. They're not as sexy as the newer models but I've been using them on the Redline for 2 years and have no complaints.
I'm still debating on the cranks.
I'm thinking Shimano SLX or XT.
The XT are $60 more but they come in 180mm length with I've been considering going to.

Atleast I don't need to buy a new lawnmower.


Eric B said...

Just get it built! You will ALWAYS be upgrading. Once its built... let me know... The SHED awaits!!!

Tom said...

I've taken hardtails just about everywhere. I don't need to wait for this FS.
I'm ready now.