Just 99 miles to go

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Pull up a chair, I'm pissed off.

Where to start?
First my birthday is Friday. So this is my birthday week.
Only good things are supposed to happen.

I get in 20 miles of the Rose last night on my old 26er.
(Drops to the floor kicking legs).
Front fork is effectively rigid from corrosion, small tires, no suspension seatpost, and it needs a new drive train (including big ring). Anytime I shifted over above 4 cog, skip, skip, skip.
But I persevered and did 2 laps.

I get home, dirty,tired and de-hydrated.
My a/c in the attic has decided this would be a good day to leak all over my 2nd floor bath.
I crawl up in the hot-ass attic. Yep, its leaking. I turn it off and leave it for the morning.
Go to bed with no A/C.
The only good part to this story is that I was able to fix it this morning (I think). The PVC drain was clogged. I ended up cutting the clogged section out and blowing it out with the garden hose. I guess I'll know for sure after I get home tonight.

I finally finish that lame ass online course to get the "extra special" star employee discount. I call the shop this morning to ask them to get the total low-down on how much the bikes going to cost me.
They don't have anymore and don't know when the 2010's are going to come out.
I'm so pissed off.
What do I do now.
I'd been envisioning about how much better I would ride and how much longer I could last on a FS.
My co-worker tells me they also rep for GT (whom I'd never evan heard of) and Felt (don't they just make road bikes).
So a quick search of GT shows they make a FS 29. A trip to MTBR shows that its one of the worst FS 29er's you can get.

What do I do now?


ChrisJ said...

Felt makes some pretty good bikes on the road. Not sure about there road bikes. Sorry to hear that tommy. Sucks.

ChrisJ said...

Err. Mountain bikes.