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Sunday, June 07, 2009

Back on the big wheels.

The warranty frame for the Redline showed up at the shop on Friday.
I went over there Sunday afternoon and swapped all the parts over.
So I can now say I've did my first complete build.
Actually the only thing I've never replaced on a bike was the headset, but now I have.
Doing a complete build in a fully stocked bike shop with a seasoned mechanic 10 feet away is the way to go.
Although his ranking on the condition of my parts and my lack of maintance was starting to get on my nerves. Was it my fault the seatpost was frozen into the seat tube? That bitch would not budge. I thought I was going to lose the $120 thudbuster, but we managed to get it out (After sawing up the old frame).
So in the past week I've had quite a list of "firsts" that I've done.
-tapped and faced a bottom bracket shell.
-faced and reamed the head tube.
-removed and installed a headset. (Real easy with the right tools).
-converted a set of tires over to tubeless.
-rebuilt the rear coaster brake hub on a kids 20" bike. (OK, I'll leave this off the resema.)

I'm considering going over to tubeless now. The actual conversion process is easy. I'm just worried about the pain in the ass it would be to actually change a flat.

The bike is all togather, although I did need to order a new bottom bracket. The shop didn't have one of those in stock. And she is clean.
EVERYTHING got cleaned in the parts tank and then lubed up. I was leary about throwing the bike in the back of the truck. I was afraid I would scratch something.
Christ, I'm turning into a roadie!!
I might not get a new FS anytime soon, but the "old" bike sure is looking good now.
I've got a new front brake with a 8" rotor I'm going to throw on as soon as the adapter for the caliper comes in.
Vanity did come into play on the choice for of rotor size.
I don't wanna hear remarks either about me "compensating".


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