Just 99 miles to go

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Man what a beautiful weekend.

After this great weekend I know your all coming here to here what great things I did with it.
Nothing. Unless you count cutting the grass something.
I started coming down with a cold Thursday and it hit me hard yesterday and today.
All the things I could of done.......
Boy I'm pissed, we probly won't get weather like this again till September.

I did finally hear from Redline on the warranty for Flight.
The guy called me at the shop on Friday and said they're going to go ahead and warranty it.
There was something in his attitude that just hit me wrong, like he was expecting me to be super grateful. Come on dude, your damn steel bike broke at a weld.
End of story.
I wasn't evan riding it hard when it broke.
They are sending out the next years model. Nothing to get excited about, I think they just changed the color. I was informed the new color was light blue. I had to jump on the web to see exactly what this looked like. I was imagining the worst, so sort of baby blue.
Its pretty nice though. More of bright blue. I was getting tired of that shit green anyways.

I did get a chance to go through alot of the online courses for the shop. If I wasn't so dead set on staying with 29" wheels I would grab one of Treks' Fuel or Top Fuel. Its amazing the R&D and the new technologys that TREK put into these things. I've gotta check now and see how much of it got carried over to Fishers stuff.

Under 100 days till the sm100.
Yes I'm sweating.
Longest road ride this year is 40 mile and 36 trail.
That sucks.


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Anonymous said...

Damn. Gotta step up that mileage sir.