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Monday, March 30, 2009

Trying yoga.

I've gotten hold of 3 or 4 different videos.
So far I've tried it twice.
The first time was a video with a 50 year old guy who has more muscle definition than Stallone had in his prime. He was always tellling me "its a beautiful thing". After 40 minutes I was really starting to hate him. I did work up a sweat though and felt pretty good afterwards. It didn't last though. The next day back to being stiff as a board.

Last night it was time for the girls. A studio full of all women, except for one guy. This lady didn't really do alot to annoy me. I had time constraints so only followed along with her for 30 minutes. She was more mellow, so no real big sweating.

I found a video entitled "Yoga for men". Curious, I downloaded it.
Basically, real scantly dressed girls doing yoga while making sexual remarks while doing the poses.
I'm no prude. I'm a fan of half naked women just as much as the next heterosexual male.
But, theres a time and place for bimbos with fake boobs.
My workout time is not one those.
Don't ask to borrow it. I had to delete it off the hard drive.

The online registration is finally up for the SM100.
I was still worried about it happening because of the "Wilderness" laws that are being passed.
But its officially a go.
My buddy Paul has now said he's doing the 100.
This has got me a little nervous.
I was just entering again to improve on my time from last year, but now I've gotta worry bout him beating me.
Right now he's carrying a few extra pounds and hasn't been training alot. I'm afraid once he steps up the training and drops 10# he might drop me.
More incentive.

And as for my last post, no its not living the dream.
The jobs already eating into my riding and my back hurts all the time.
Kinda sucks.


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