Just 99 miles to go

Monday, April 20, 2009

Oh shit. Its riding season.

Official sm100 timer is under 150 days.
Where did the time go.
I went back a year on the blog.
IF I can do 4 laps at Rosaryville bythe end of the month, I'll be where I was last year.
I'm not sure I could pull off 2 laps right now.
And to add more pressure, I got conned into doing the 12 hours of Lodi on May 1.
Sneaky bastards Paul and Eric used peer pressure a strong German beer to alter my reasoning. I don't race this early in the season.
Thats how people get hurt.

I"d give ya a health update, weight wise I mean but I'm pretty sure my scale at home is broke.
It says I'm at 226.
Nah, that ain't evan close.


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ChrisJ said...

See ya at Lodi. Your in for a treat. A long rooty twisty one. Good times to be had.