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Thursday, March 26, 2009

My monthly update??

Yeah,yeah, yeah.
I knew I was slacking with posts when my daughter complained that I wasn't keeping up with the blog.
I guess the biggest news going on is that I'm working part time at my LBS.
Working at a bike shop automatically makes you faster.
I had Chris, the owner of the shop looking out for a new 29" wheel for me. When they cut my hours back at my real job to 32 a week I told him to stop searching cause the new wheel would have to wait and told him why. A few days later he called me up and asked if I wanted to work there part time.
Initially, I just pooed the idea away.
While the 32 hours a week sucks and cuts back my spending, its not a real hardship.
Than I thought, why not.
He's wasn't expecting a lot of hours, I'd get an employee discount on stuff(a big plus), I"d learn something, and I'd be able to work on my bike there.
The last item is a huge plus.
I remembered last time I went to change my bottom bracket. I had to end up taking in to them and paying them to re-tap the shell. Something thats easily done with the right piece of $800.00 equipment.
So far I'm enjoying it.
The first night sucked.
The manager went over the steps of building up a bike properly. I was there 4 hours and just did finish the first bike. When these things leave the shop they are dialed in right.
I'm getting better and faster. Last night, 3 bikes with interruptions.
So if your in the Bike Doc in Waldorf say hi.
You can't miss me, I stick out like a sore thumb.
I've got to wear the BD tshirt and the biggest they had was a large.
I feel like a big stuffed sausage.


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ChrisJ said...

Congrats man. Living the dream right?